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December 3, 2018

Sparkhouse lands in the Clutch 1000

Explaining your product is hard. You pour your heart into it, you know everything about it and you want your customer to know all of that too. We get it; we have since 2009. That’s why we’ve been working hard to produce top notch videos right here in Orange County. Even Forbes recognizes the importance of video explanations. Like I said, we’ve been working hard to make a name for ourselves, and while beautiful videos speak for themselves, we always want to be head and shoulders above our competition. We were thrilled to be named one of the top video production companies worldwide, but we were hungry for more.

That’s where Clutch and their team of analysts comes in. Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform for B2B firms. They conduct in depth interviews with clients of firms like ours to accurately rank every industry. These reviews prove exactly why we are one of Clutch’s top video production companies, too, so we included a few from our profile:

“The videos have received thousands of views and have significantly improved the user experience of our websites. We’ve continued to use the footage years after the project ended.”
- Martin Borsanyi, Marketing Director, Jacuzzi Group Worldwide
“Our introductory “explainer” video is at 150,000 views, and that’s after less than two months. From both the creative side and the production side, Sparkhouse is a great bang for your buck.”
- Randy Choi, Co-Founder, Thompson Tee

These reviews show us what we need to keep working on to make it to the coveted top spot of the Clutch 1000. It also helps that we were named one of the top video production companies by the Manifest along the way.

Our work has paid off for our clients for all 9 years we’ve been around. So it’s great to be recognized locally, and now globally for everything we’ve done. We don’t let it get to our heads and will continue to produce video marketing services that accomplish our client’s goals. Reach out if you want to see your product come to life.