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December 8, 2021

Benefits of Repurposing Video Marketing Campaigns to Different Platforms

Video marketing is one of the most effective and popular forms of marketing. In fact, 92 percent of marketers believe that online video is vital to their marketing strategy.

From how-to videos to events and webinars to product demos, video content works because it captures the user’s attention and engages them effectively. Videos also make complex topics easier to explain to the audience and bring the concepts to life.

This does come with a downside, however. Video content marketing can be a time-consuming and expensive process, so many brands are afraid to take the plunge and hire a video marketing agency. You may need new equipment, legal editing resources, and lighting, along with people comfortable being on camera.

You also have to plan out the script and the way you introduce the content on the video. From there, you need to choose which platforms to post it to and how to optimize it for discoverability and visibility.

So, for many marketers, time and budget are a barrier to creating a great video marketing campaign. They may create just a few videos before continuing with familiar – and easier to create – content.

Fortunately, you can repurpose your video content to get more bang for your buck, reach wider audiences, and maximize your marketing budget. Check out the benefits of repurposing video content.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Repurposing video content increases your reach on new platforms and with new segments of your audience. It also improves your brand awareness, since more and more people are likely to see your video and engage with your brand.

When you post your video to new platforms or in new formats, your audience continues to see it. Even if they watched the full video, they’re still seeing common components of your brand identity, such as logos, packaging, songs, or other tell-tale signs of your brand. Over time, your audience will be able to identify your brand without being explicitly exposed to the name. Then, when it comes time to buy, they’ll already have a brand in mind.  

Higher Conversions

Repetition is important in marketing. Buyers need to hear a message several times before they’re willing to close the deal. If you cover a topic once in a video and let it disappear into the archives of the platform, you miss a wonderful opportunity to convert your audience.

When you repurpose your videos, you’re showing your audience the same topics multiple times and increasing the chance that they’ll not only see it, but take action. This is ideal if you use high-value, authoritative content, but it can work with virtually any type of video.

Engagement vs. Conversion

Many marketing strategies include different platforms for a variety of reasons, including reaching different audiences and exposure to a larger user base. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, Facebook has one of the largest user bases and is best for website traffic, leads, and sales. Instagram is a good source of leads and sales. YouTube is great for long videos with in-depth content, while TikTok is a good choice for short-form videos marketed to younger audiences.

This means that engagement happens differently on each platform. Some are better for getting views and generating awareness for your brand, while others are more likely to convert. Repurposing your video gives you an opportunity to leverage the strengths of each platform and get the most out of your video creation efforts.

You can post organically to every platform to see how your video performs, then make decisions on which platforms may benefit from some paid promotion.


Creating high-quality video content isn’t cheap, so why not get more out of your spend? Repurposing your videos by posting on different platforms, turning them into short-form snippets for social media, or reusing the content in a blog or article form helps you get more for your initial investment of time, money, and energy.

Keep in mind that the more content you can create from one existing video, the better. You’re not only maximizing your initial spend, but you’re reinforcing your key messages or showcasing your products and services better.


When you first publish a video, the performance may not be impactful. Over time, that same video can gain traction and perform better. When you repurpose your videos, especially with an update or addition, you can reach new audiences that may not see it otherwise.

In addition, some people only use certain platforms. When you repurpose a video by posting it on multiple platforms, you can reach new segments of your audience that only use one or two of your active platforms.

Get the Most Out of Your Video Content Assets

Repurposing video content has plenty of benefits, but most of all, creating new content and sharing it to new places or in new ways gives you invaluable insights into your audience. You can see how your video performs on different platforms, whether your audience prefers short- or long-form videos, and more.

Ready to get started? with our training video production you can Get creative with your existing video assets to reach new audiences, increase your brand awareness and recognition, and generate more leads and conversions.